Fancy troubles

“Stay away from fancy troubles.”

When founder Gabrielle Saifi was leaving her hometown to attend university in London, her grandfather gave her this advice as words of warning.  He was wary of Gabby courting unnecessary troubles. We’ve all been told to avoid the unknown, to be careful, and to follow the rules. But Gabby knew she needed just the right amount of trouble.

Fancy Troubles was born of the recognition that those who are willing to claim their place out in the world often encounter trouble. Not the kind that leaves you lost, but the kind that leaves you with a thrill in your chest and a taste of excitement.

Sunglasses are the ultimate enhancement: they both shape and obscure your face, giving you the chance to transform. Every pair of
Fancy Troubles is distinct, their design inspired by architectural and  natural elements from far corners of the world, embodying a true
sense of possibility. Quality craftsmanship showcases unique features that evoke bygone eras and faraway places. 

Whether on a beach with friends, or on a jet to Dubai, you can put on a pair of Fancy Troubles and feel confident and appealing, secure in your allure. The lasting quality and evocative design relieve you of the need to impress. Unafraid to stand out and not needing anyone’s approval, you become your best self. You are freed to embark on your next adventure — even if it lasts for only one evening.

With Fancy Troubles, you can dare to explore what the world holds, unrestrained by the voices of convention. You can take the stage on open mic night, or make new  friends at a hole in the wall bar. This gumption might lead to trouble: you bought a one-way ticket to Brazil, or you broke your lover’s heart in Paris. But you prevailed and you were inspired. And you have one hell of a story to tell. 

Embrace the adventure, and discover your own fancy troubles.

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